Legal Disclaimer

Various articles on this site address legal issues and the relationship of insurance coverages to such issues. These articles and the user submitted comments posted on this website are not intended as legal advice. Rather the articles and comments are intended to be a reminder of the things you might discuss with your attorney as you address issues related to your legal business and personal exposures.

If you believe that you cannot afford to hire an attorney there are organizations that can help you by supplying you standard wording for contracts and invoices. These organizations also give you step by step instructions for forming a corporation, a limited liability company or other type of organization. An example of such an organization is Nolo Press. You can take a look at the various publications they offer that have sample forms at their website

Recognize that being in business without legal protections is like sitting in your car on the railroad tracks and listening to the train whistle in the distance. Because you choose not to look in the direction of the sound doesn’t mean that you’re not going to hit by the train if you stay on the tracks long enough. While you might have had to start your business without all the appropriate legal protections, continuing to operate that way will eventually catch up with you.